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For the beloved

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    This is my last letter to you, Mary

    Mary…Dear Mary.When i leave.You don’t cry!Remember…Our first meeting.How i didn’t want to be with you.How you offended me.How did you want to leave.But my words stopped you: “What makes you think that I don’t want to marry you?”How are you happy.But I said that I could not do it.I said to myself: «No, you will not fall in love with her».But when I saw you dancing. And when the feathers fell from the ceiling, I remembered our childhood and realized how wrong I was.You looked at me, and I looked at you. And at that moment I wanted to kiss you, but … Your friends took you from me.But I did not hesitate. I was thinking about everything! And the next day, when we met, it happened … Our first kiss!But I told you «It’s impossible, I can’t»I thought about you all the time. My thoughts were mixed with my words, and I decided,that despite everything, you will be my wife!I decided to tell you, but I didn’t have much time. At that moment you were with Bash.I approached you and said «I love you, and you me!»At first you didn’t answer me. But about a week after your quarrel with Bash. You ran to me!You held me tightly and said: “All this time only you have been in my heart, I love you, Francis!”I kissed you and hugged you tightly and said, «You are only my Mary, only mine!»After a few months, we walked around and … I decided to do it! I got on one knee and said, «Mary Stuart, will you become my wife?»You answered without delay, «Yes !!!»A month later, we had a wedding. Then you were very beautiful. And I was proud that you are my wife!After that we were very happy. The news about the baby gave me a second wind. I would like to see him or her, but I cannot, but I really love him or her. Mary, be strong for him or her. Never give up. I will always love you, I am waiting for you!Your Francis

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